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Welcome to My Faerie Door

Invite the Faeries in with a handmade Faerie Door and add some fun and whimsy to your home!  The perfect gift for any age and one size fits all!

Many legends say that Faerie Doors were created for humans so that they may have access to Faeries and their realms and to allow the Faeries in so that they can help Humans take care of the natural world. Some may think Faeries are in places such as Great Britain, where Faerie lore is intertwined with that culture, there are Faerie myths all around the world.

I hand-craft all of the Faerie Doors, start to finish. They are lightweight wooden doors that are easily mounted at the baseboard of your wall (or any smooth, vertical surface) with a bit of poster tack (included).  All my Faerie Doors open and there’s even a little porch light too! (non-functioning).

I’ve been building my little Faerie Doors for over 9 years.  I was inspired to make them after hearing about the Faerie Doors in Downtown Ann Arbor Michigan.  I wanted a Faerie Door too!  So I did some research and, though I saw many wonderful and beautiful Faerie Doors, they weren’t quite what I imagined.  So, into my workshop I went to build what I saw in my imagination.  The rest they say, is history!   I hope you like my creations.